Palapas Ventana Staff

Palapas Ventana is owned by the mother and son team of Tim & Karon Hatler. Meet our dedicated staff who work hard to provide you with the best experience possible, then come visit and become part of our Baja family! 

Tim Hatler


Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduating from UCSB, Tim took his love for watersports, marine science, boats, and Mexican culture and created Palapas Ventana in 2003. He captains our liveaboards, plans international Palapas voyages, and monitors all Baja conditions to ensure our guests experience the Best of Baja.

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Karon Hatler


Karon fell in love with the magic of Mexico several years ago during the Hatler's family trip to Baja for the Christmas holidays. That trip became a family tradition every year after, and the friendly culture and climate of the La Ventana area are the reasons Karon decided to live here. Karon loves to snorkel, hike, SUP, read, garden, and play the violin. She also really enjoys meeting people and making sure our clients have "The Best of Baja" experience.
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Brock Kennedy (El Brocko)

General Manager


Brocko is from northern California. He has an extensive backround in spearfishing and boating. He loves the ocean and is always ready to help answer your questions and get you out on the sea. No matter what he will put you on fish!!!


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Guilherme Raeder Ramos (Gui)



Guilherme, also known as Gui, is a Marine biologist and a naturalist guide. Before coming to Baja, he used to work with Jaguars and Humpback Whales back in Brazil.
He came as a volunteer last summer and now he is one of our guides here at Palapas Ventana. With an environmental education and conservationist background, Gui always puts his heart on doing what he loves, diving, hiking and showing our guests the best of Baja.
Give him a shout in case you want to talk about the plants and all the incredible animals that we have around here!






Mark Lazicky 


      Mark is from New York City and has many experiences in sealife! He is a Dive Master, boat captain, and a great spearo/freediver! You will find him barefoot, always in a good mood and with a big smile on his face. He is ready to give you good advice during your stay and he's sexy as hell!!













Isrrael Cota Lucero 

Customer Service Manager


After graduating from University in La Paz, Israel decided to make a career here in his own town - He is fluent in English, excellent on the computer and accounting work, and is always at the restaurant to help clients get what they need!! He makes a mean Latte!! Israel has been with us for 16 years and is the nerve center for Palapas Ventana - if you need information or something during your stay - he is the man to see!





Yuli Iglesias 

Restaurant Manager



Yuli Catalina Iglesias Soberanis is from La Paz. She has worked in her family's shrimp distribution company, has owned a restaurant on the Malecon in La Paz and has many years of experience in the hotel, bar and food service business. She is the consummate hostess. Yuli loves to fish and spend time boating on the Sea of Cortez with her fourteen-year-old son Clark and her husband, Jon and has two Chihuahuas named Cappuccino and Cart.









Ana Berdeja Suárez

Reservations and Groups Coordinator

Ana Berdeja

Ana studied Communications in Mexico City. She was born and raised there but decided to come to Baja and fulfill her dream of living near the sea (and not just any sea, but the Sea of Cortez!!!). She came to learn water sports and witness and photograph the wonders of Baja with us. She will be happy to help you with your booking and questions, as well as share our everyday adventures in Palapas Ventana through our social media.







Saturnino Aviles Cosio

Panga and Facility Maintenance 


Some say he came from another planet to show you the Best of Baja. Tanino "El Spyder" was a shark fisherman for 20 years and is now our specialist in Panga and facility maintenance. He works hard and enjoys time off at the beach with his family in El Sargento.









Mari Lucero Lucero

Head Chef


Having owned her own restaurant previously, Mari knows authentic Mexican cooking like no other. From her tantalizing tamales, albondigas, homemade tortillas, and killer chiliquiles to her sumptuous sauces and salsas, you will look forward to every meal with us. Mari's first love is cooking and her second love is her five beautiful grandchildren. Ask her for her coconut dorado recipe - see if she will give you the secret ingredient - **warning - Palapas Ventana is not responsible for client weight gain during their vacation**






Estrella Leon

Head Cook

estrella webpage 

Estrella is from La Ventana, and loves to cook. She's very friendly and outgoing, and is always singing while in the kitchen. She's the mother of 2 beautiful girls.







Daniela Leon 


Daniela Leon Lucero

Daniela is a La Ventana native and our superstar housekeeper, always seen with a big smile.











Lucero was born in La Paz and now lives in Los Planes. She has two kids (a 15 year old boy and a 9 year old girl) and loves to take care of her garden. You will find her working very hard with Daniela, always supporting the rest of the crew to make our clients as happy as possible!








Yoni Calderon Aviles


Yoni Calderon

Born and raised in El Sargento, Yoni studied English in La Paz and now is applying his skills at Palapas Ventana. He is an excellent Panga Captain, Kite launcher, maintenance man, and backhoe driver. Yoni has a winning smile and likes to freedive!! He has a son and is also learning to kiteboard.






Chuy Dominguez


Chuy Dominguez

Chuy's commercial fishing background has made him a fantastic fishing and diving captain. He also keeps Palapas Ventana maintained so your stay with us is comfortable - From launching and landing kites to fileting fish - Chuy does it all with pride. Chuy has a baby boy and is learning to kiteboard himself and has been with us for 4 years.








Camp Security 


This mexican mutt is ready to lick anyone to death!!! Just as long as it doesn't interrupt her rigorous schedule in paradise as she swims, naps, eats, and repeats... she is ready to give you a wet bienvenidos kiss, lead you on a stroll down our beach, and make your stay with us feel like home.






Camp Security In-Training


Our newest addition the family. Vela keeps everyone on their toes. She loves to run, chase birds and swim. Did I mention that she loves to run, chase birds and swim?