Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Come and play with us in the "Aquarium of the World"

 Diving with Palapas Ventana Video shot, edited and produced by Sally Bartel and Ocean Videos.

Thanks Sally!

Experience the underwater beauty of the Sea of Cortez, one of the world's richest marine ecosystems. This prolific fish, invertebrate and marine mammal habitat provides world famous incredible opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, and underwater photography and videography.

Palapas Ventana Resort Hotel is centrally located in La Ventana, just south of La Paz and a mere 8.5 miles across the channel from the fantastic diving of Cerralvo Island. Cerralvo is the southernmost island in the Cortez and offers scuba divers of all skill levels a chance to explore its pristine reefs, pinnacles, bays, and beaches and the incredible marine life that inhabits them. In addition to Cerralvo, the local Baja coast near Palapas Ventana offers many incredible sites that are a short panga or van ride away. The beach in front of our resort functions as our introductory training site for certification classes and snorkeling. Palapas Ventana is the perfect base camp for snorkeling and SCUBA adventure, education, and fun.

At Palapas Ventana, a lifetime of scuba diving and snorkeling adventures awaits in our front yard. Come, and experience the truly diverse underwater sea life of La Ventana, Baja, Mexico.

Always be prepared to jump in while we move from site to site. We often see billfish, turtles, whales and dolphins.

You can dive with us casually at any time of year, or you can choose to book either of the following packages from April through October.

Scuba Exploration Package - 2 tanks per day (3 person minimum)SCUBA
Basic Scuba exploration package (3 or more people) - $850.00 USD Flat rate. (Drinks and tips not included.)

  • 5 days
  • 4 nights
  • 3 full days, 2 tanks per person - plus snorkeling and exploring the beaches of Cerralvo Island.
  • Breakfast and lunch everyday
  • Use of kayaks, bike, pool, hot tub, snorkeling gear, and wetsuits
  • Additional days may be added to this package. Contact us for details.

Scuba exploration package +1, includes 6 days, 5 nights & 4 boat days (3 or more people) - $1,035.00 USD Flat rate. (Drinks and tips not included.)

Scuba exploration package +2, includes 7 days, 6 nights & 5 boat days (3 or more people) - $1,265.00 USD Flat rate. (Drinks and tips not included.)

Scuba Certification Package (3 Person minimum) - $975.00 USD  Flat rate. (Drinks and tips not included.) For groups of 3 or more.
6 days & 5 nights

  • Breakfast and lunch everyday you are at Palapas Ventana.
  • Use of kayaks, pool, jacuzzi and snorkeling gear.


Panga Snorkeling, 7am-3pm boat (family friendly):Snorkeling

$85.00 USD per person (minimum 4 people) Extra people + $65.00 USD USD (maximum 7)

Guided Snorkeling from shore (family friendly):
Local Coast Snorkeling Excursion - Includes lunch, all gear - $65.00 USD per person per day (minimum 2 people).
Night Snorkel - Includes flashlight, cyalume, and all gear - $75.00 USD per person (minimum 2 people).

Scuba Diving Prices (for certified divers):
Cerralvo Island Scuba Excursion - $165.00 USD per person - Includes panga transport, 2 tanks, lunch, Dive Master, and all gear (minimum 2 people.)
Local Coast SCUBA Excursion from shore - $110.00 USD per person - Includes 1 tank, lunch, Dive Master and all gear.
Night SCUBA Dive from shore - $110.00 USD per person - Includes 1 tank, flashlight, cyalume, divemaster/guide, and all gear (minimum 2 people).

SCUBA Courses with Dive Master (for uncertified divers):
Discover SCUBA from PV shore - $130.00 USD per person. Includes transportation to dive sites, and all equipment.
Discover SCUBA by boat - $220.00 USD per person. Includes transportation to dive sites, and all equipment (minimum 2 people.)
PADI Open Water SCUBA Cert. - $650.00 USD per person (2 or more) or $750 (solo class). Includes transportation to dive sites, manuals if necessary, and all equipment.
SCUBA Review from shore - $110.00 USD per person. Includes all equipment.